Service & Technical Support

Service & Technical Support


As part of its AC Project installation, DEM offers to clients the option of dedicated Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) as a differentiated service. These AMCs offer the following services:

Basic Services:

  • Quarterly Preventative Maintenance
  • 2 Hours Response Time for Remedial Maintenance
  • Immediate Replacement for Defective Parts

Preventative Maintenance:

  • Performed Quarterly
  • Complete Unit Cleaning
  • Electrical Equipment Check
  • Unit Adjustment
  • Performance Check
  • Lubrication and Gas Filling

Remedial Maintenance:

  • Attended on Call
  • 2 Hours Response Time
  • Provision of Standby Units
  • Deliver defective units back and forth from Service Centre

 Additional Advantages:

  • Free Consultation for units on site including non-LG Products
  • Free Training for up to 12 technicians from the Client side on basic routine maintenance
  • Standby Units in case of unexpected failures
  • Availability of Spare Parts


The maintenance is essential in keeping the elevator in a safe operating condition; DEM is focusing on the service side of the business and providing all maintenance types for elevators including units manufactured by ThyssenKrupp & Otis. There are few who consistently provide a top class level of service and quality DEM currently maintains over 250 elevators with service contracts across the Sudan. We have highly skilled engineers and technicians to perform 24-Hour Emergency Service & Maintenance.

For a new elevator design please call our sales consultants engineers for a free a complimentary advice & to discuss your requirements.
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