DEM LG AC Academy

DEM LG AC Academy

The DEM LG AC Academy was officially inaugurated on 7th July 2011 in a glamorous event attended by the Ministry of Labour and representatives from LG Electronics as well as leading consultants and contractors in the field of Air Conditioning.

The Academy aims at providing professional experiences and training courses that should enhance the standards of learning on the part of the Sudanese workforce and university students.

DEM LG AC Academy is the first in Sudan, fully equipped with the latest LG AC Systems, along with solar systems, lighting systems, networks and control solutions; it is established to prepare professional systematic training courses for mechanical and electrical engineers from different industries.

The Academy has organized within its training schedule 10 training courses in different fields, starting from general basic courses for HVAC, going through specialized courses for Multi-V VFR Systems (design, technical installation and service) up to specialized courses in LG Chillers, Air Handling Units, Photovoltaic Cells, Lighting Systems, Control and Networking Systems.

The Academy will help in creating a well educated and trained workforce, by providing professional training services, and developing the youth skills and experiences in the technical fields. DEM AC Academy has many future plans that will help achieve its vision through different educational programs which will be announced at later stage.