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SPLIT 18K Btu Mosquito Away AC HSNC1865NN6/K

SPLIT 18K Btu Mosquito Away AC HSNC1865NN6/K

Keep your family safe from mosquitoes with ultrasonic wave technology. Ultrasonic wave technology is safe for humans, very convenient and may be the easiest way to keep mosquitoes away. It may be a convenient way to prevent mosquito bites you have ever experienced. You just need to push the 'Mosquito Away button.' The Mosquito Away Device could even operate when A/C is Off *ULTRASONIC WAVE EFFECT Mosquito away has a speaker generating ultrasonic wave and if you start the Mosquito away function, the speaker makes inaudible ultrasonic wave at a specific frequency of over 30kHz, completely harmless to human. The ultrasonic wave inactivates or repels mosquitoes.    *PRICES INCLUDE DELIVERY & TRANSPORTATION.  

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